Privacy policy

The privacy policy of this website is that we also ask you for personal information when using the services of this website. Any personal information provided on our organization's website will be stored and processed solely for your personal personal service and for sending information about our services.

We assure you that your data will be treated confidentially in accordance with applicable personal data protection laws. We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard. The security of all personal information is an important goal for us and we care about it. Your personal information, which we obtain when you visit our organization’s website, will be treated confidentially and only in accordance with legal decisions.

We undertake to publish a clear, attention-grabbing and unambiguous notice informing you of the manner, purpose and principles of data collection before any data is collected, recorded or processed by your users. In addition, in all cases where the collection, handling and recording of data is not required by law, we draw the user's attention to the voluntary nature of the data provision.

In all cases where you wish to use the data provided for a purpose other than the purpose for which the original data were collected, you will inform the user and obtain his or her prior express consent or give him or her the opportunity to prohibit the use. During the collection, recording and processing of the data, the restrictions set forth in the declaration shall be observed in all cases, and the data subject shall be informed of his / her activity by electronic mail as required.

The operator of the website undertakes to ensure the security of the data, to take the technical and organizational measures and to establish procedures to ensure that the data recorded, stored or handled are protected and to prevent their unauthorized use and unauthorized access. change. It also undertakes to call on any third party to whom the data may be transferred or transferred to fulfill its obligations in this regard. The websites of our partners, which are not covered by this privacy statement, are also available on the website.