Kezdi chair Balvanyos Bath Bath Csiszár

Bath Csiszár

Kezdi chair Balvanyos Bath Balvanyos, partea Csiszár oldal

Equipped with hot water barrels, saunas, mofetas and surrounded by an electric fence for guest safety.

The Csiszár Bath on the hill can be reached on a forest footpath. Along the path through the magnificent forest nature, there are many drinking water springs. Benches, planks and stairs make it easy to walk 10-15 minutes up to the baths. Each of the 8 pools in the spas has wine water with a different and individual mineral composition. Information boards indicate the history and healing effects of each pool and resource.

Csiszár Bath was the most popular excursion destination in Kézdivásárhely and its surroundings in the last 100 years. In 1895, the distillery Dénes Csiszár built the "Feredő" under the Idol, in the forest part of Torja.

One of the most characteristic tourist destinations of the "Idol" Tri-Chair. The Bálványos Castle, the world-unique Stinking Cave, the volcanic St. Anne's Lake and more than 50 wine springs attracted visitors more than a hundred years ago. The Csiszár Bath was also built here at the time, which includes 16 healing springs. Of these, 8 are housed in a swimming pool, can be used for an additional 7 drinking cures, and a spring feeds the built-in spa gas bath, "Mofetta." Four pools are so large that it is also suitable for swimming.

It experienced its second golden age after the founding of Csiszárfürdő from 1960 to 1990. A hot tub treatment center, hotel and restaurant have been built under the cold pools. In 1990, the state health center closed. In 2012, the spa was returned to the grandchildren of the former spa builder Dénes Csiszár, who, with the strength of the community, organized the renovation of the baths, renovated the buildings, bought the cold-water springs and used them again for a large number of visitors. The financial support of the Hungarian state for the organization of the kalakas and the renovation works played a big role in the beginning.

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