Kezdi chair Balvanyos Bath Mikes Bath - Vallato and mofetta

Mikes Bath - Vallato and mofetta

Kezdi chair Balvanyos Bath Băile Balvanyos, Jud. Covasna

On the eastern border of Sepsibükszad, next to the Bálványos Grand Hotel, the Mikes Baths are known: the Vallató, the Hammas and the Bükki.

The ocher yellow water of the Vallató is a typical mixed type of sodium-calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonate-chloride.

To the east of the Vallató, there is a small peat plant, a few hundred meters away, with the Hammas bath. The greyish tooth-colored water of the large basin is of the calcium-magnesium-sodium-bicarbonate-sulfate-chloride type.

To the south-east of the Hammas bath is the Bükki swimming pool, composed of 4 × 4 meter beams, which is not chemically sulphated. At high pressures, the carbon dioxide gas that comes to the surface really flushes the surface of the water.

The spa was renovated in the mid-2000s by landscape design students at St. Stephen's University in Budapest.

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